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A Golf Specific Fitness Program

Most of the very best touring professionals understand that winning on the tour today requires considerably more than a fantastic game of golf. It indicates understanding all aspects of their bodily and mental being and what factors affect their performance. Obtain a competitive advantage in the next round by integrating these three essential elements into your present fitness plan.

Particular to golf – Incorporate some old and new fitness tools which enable you to transfer the body in a more practical setting.

More efficient motion creates more efficient power. Golfers need both core and torso stabilization and endurance and keep an athletic bearing over long spans of time. By raising your endurance and strength in the central area of the body, you supply both a sound foundation of support for spinning along with the appropriate transfer of power through the body.

Motions are included front to back by planes of movement, left to right and rotational exercises. Some great examples include multidirectional lunges and medicine ball wood chops.