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The Energy Drink: Green Tea

The ability of green tea is proven in many recent scientific articles that describe advantages on body functions for example resistance, cardiovascular function, brain functioneven weight control. In addition, particular parts of green tea may help enhance blood cholesterol levels.

Now, taking the advantage of green tea one stage further, a fresh item from AriZona Beverages called Green Tea Energy Drink mixes an ancient drink with a contemporary energy formula-a whole, balanced mix of vitamins, minerals and herbs-for a wholesome boost.

Among the crucial parts of the new beverage is B vitamins, that are essential for health, cell development and metabolism. They play a crucial part in keeping a healthy central nervous system and can drastically change mental functions by helping keep a positive mental attitude and improving learning abilities, including stimulus response, long – and short-term memory, knowledge and mental energy.

Panax ginseng – compounds that are contained by A classic root known as adaptogens.

AriZona Green Tea Energy Drink is a lightly carbonated, thirstquenching development that provides an unique mix of functionality, science and refreshment in a greattasting quaff. It is obtainable in both routine and dietboth packing the same amazing flavor and nutritional punch.